Relax into Stretch: Instant Flexibility through Mastering Muscle Tension

Author: Pavel Tsatsouline

Dragon Door Publications, 2001

Goal: Increase Flexibility

[tweet_box design=”box_05″]Relax into Stretch is your very own guide for achieving super flexibility. [/tweet_box]This book is an illustrated guide to all 36 super effective flexibility techniques. Pavel explores how ‘mastering your emotions’ can instantly increase your capacity and ability and to stretch.

Most of us have the basic understanding of the importance of stretching with benefits ranging from keeping our joints health and mobile, to preventing injury and stiffness after exercise and to increasing our physical performance. Yet aside from the very basics commonly taught in sports classes and schools, few of us are actually that well informed of whether stretching can be performed correctly or incorrectly. And even fewer of us actually know how make the most of our time spent stretching.This book will teach you everything you need to know to unleash your super flexibility.

Within this book, Pavel explores the hidden secrets of stretching that aid in reaching your own ultimate flexibility such as mentally relaxing your mind, mastering your emotions, breathe control and many more techniques that explore forced relaxation.

‘Relax into Stretch’ gives a new and refreshing look into stretching explained through simple methodology and aided with just the right amount of science. The book is also full of really good quality images ensuring correct implementation.

The following clipdemonstrates and explain exactly what is trying to be achieved for those who want to understand the concept better before purchasing the book.

‘Relax into stretch’ provides effective and logical reasoning but the book must be read carefully for maximum benefits. Understanding the theory will allow for a greater and more efficient flexibility workout. Conventional stretching elongates the targeted tissues, which Pavel discusses to be ineffective but can also be dangerous. Pavel provides a complete guide on stretching, guaranteeing to be an insightful read.

Suitable for all athletes; the hard core next level athletes and the part time casual athletes because it increases knowledge of ingury prevention and avoidance of harmful exercise – it’s really just a great insight into the theory and reasoning behind flexibility.

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