10 Most Impossible Calisthenics Exercises

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There are those who defy gravity and achieve the impossible; individuals who can exert superhero strength and make it look super easy.

These individuals train in calisthenics. Calisthenics training is a form of strength training that uses the body’s own weight to develop natural strength, It follows a series of progressions that become increasingly more challenging at each stage, resulting in an intense full body Calisthenics work out.

Individuals training in calisthenics will strengthen multiple muscle groups all at once, as well as the tendons and nervous system.

People who are just getting started with bodyweight training see themselves beginning at the near beginning of a progression chart and over time, as they build strength, progress through the stages. But even then, for some Calisthenic trainers, strength development defies our expectations of normality and overcomes the impossible.


1. Superman Push-up.

This superhuman exercise belongs to the pushup family but is much MUCH tougher. Insanely Tough! It’s nearly impossible, but it can be done. The Superman Push-up can be achieved by patiently training and progressing through the Convict Conditioning Push-Up. It’ll help you master the Superman Push-up.

The Superman Push-up works the entire body but particularly the lower back, core abdominal muscles, and shoulders – the exercise begins with the body lying flat with both arms and legs outstretched. The body then lifts itself up just inches off the ground before returning to the starting position.

2. One-handed Superman Push-up

The One-handed Superman Push-up, a.k.a the world’s hardest push-up. If the Superman Push-up was too easy for you and you want a bit more of a challenge, here you go! The One-handed Superman Pushup! As performed in the link by Tony Wai!

3. 90-degree Push-up

Who decided that legs were important in your average pushup anyway? Give them a well-deserved rest and let them float up in the air for a while. 90 degree pushup

4. 2-finger Push-up

Ouch! I certainly don’t think my index finger and thumb could handle this. One of Bruce Lee’s favorite movements, this exercise shows a one-handed pushup where the individual’s bodyweight is completely supported by the two fingers. The most number of 2 finger pushups ever accounted for belongs to Mohammed Ali Zeinhom (Eygpt) who performed 46 pushes up in 49 seconds in 2010.

bruce lee

5. The Human Flag

Some find life just so breezy they have to grab the nearest lamppost and hang there like a flag! This human flag demonstrates an insane amount of strength using muscles from the entire body – particularly the wrists, shoulders and abdominals. This is extreme and requires total control of both body balance as well as abdominal and shoulder strength. Try raising your legs even higher in a slow, fluid, and controlled motion to make this even more of a challenge. Check out this guy on a pole. This is nuts! What happened to Gravity right?

6. Nakayama Planche

If you can maintain the L hold, then this is the next step. The Nakayama Planche engages the shoulders and abdominals to lift the body off the group and raise the legs in the air. Gymnasts often train this exercise and incorporate the stand with a movement that brings the legs down, raises the bottom and brings the legs through to handstand. Such a move demonstrate ultimate control of both balance and strength.

7. Manna

Similar to the Nakayama Planche, the Manna is even harder. This exercise requires a tremendous amount of flexibility in the shoulders as well as exerting very high levels of pressure on the same area.

8. One finger pull up

The amount of strength and confidence you must have in your finger to be able to do this is just shocking. Anyone who can do this will find themselves in an elite group few people can brag about being a part of. Incredible!

9. One-arm handstand on pole

This is very similar to the one armed handstand but this just puts you to the ultimate test. This exercise involved balancing on a narrow pole lifted off the group. This is the ultimate test of balance, confidence, arms and shoulder strength. Failures get one almighty face plant.

10. Balancing one two Fingers

This is Bodyweight Area’s ultimate and most impossible exercise because apparently only a number of individuals can perform it – although I have my doubts! Do not try this, it is certain you will break your fingers.

The truth is that none of these moves are impossible callisthenic no matter how they look. You can start training towards them and with patience and persistence you can get where these people are. If you’re a beginner you might want to start with our Getting Started with Calisthenics Program.   Good Luck!


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