A Little Reminder That Hard Work in Calisthenics Pays Off

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For a lot of people pursuing  calisthenics, it’s a relatively solo endeavor. You’ve got the book open in your living room, garage, or some other area of your house, and you’re putting in the time to give your muscles a punishing workout Paul-Wade-style. While you might tap into the growing network of social media sites where you’ll find like-minded Convict Conditioning disciples, when you’re doing the actual workouts, you’re probably on your own.

That’s a lot like the solitary confinement Paul Wade endured while serving time in prison. And for the purists, that may suit them just fine day in and day out. But even Paul Wade wasn’t in solitary confinement for his entire 19 years in prison. He spent a lot of time locked up with a cellmate, including the ex-Navy Seal who taught him the basic principles for building supreme survival strength. And he gained a following of inmates who respected him, feared, him, and wanted to be like him because of this strength, endurance, and confidence and the ability to do hard work.

Being around like minded people is the kind of environment that fosters success. A lot of us need just a sliver of encouragement, hope, or head-nod from others to know we’re headed in the right direction, and that all the hard work will be worth it. In a traditional gym setting, you might have a personal trainer or at least a group of friends who are there to cheer you on, witness your transformation, and even inspire you to achieve your goals.

A good way to remind yourself of what’s possible is to tap into the growing number of videos posted by Convict Conditioning believers. It’s incredible to see what other people have been able to achieve through bodyweight training. Prepared to be amazed. Prepared to be inspired. And prepare to recommit yourself to the Convict Conditioning way. Take a look at this brief collection of Convict Conditioning fans who have paid their dues.

Just Another School Day at Convict Conditioning High

Inspired by Convict Conditioning, this high school wrestler mastered some of Paul Wade’s advanced moves and shows off his skills and abilities in this short video. He does push-ups weighted by a 20-plus pound chain. He does uneven handstand push-ups with one hand on the floor and one hand on a medicine ball. He climbs a rope with pure grip strength, and he muscles his way through a ton of parallel bar dips. And he doesn’t stop there. If a high school student can achieve this kind of success, so can you.

Bust Free of All Weakness in 9 Months

hard work

strenuous workout a step towards convict conditioning

Source: YouTube

When Francesco Vaccaro decided to pursue Convict Conditioning, he went all out for nine months to see how much muscle strength and endurance he could really achieve through bodyweight training exercises. Nine months might seem like a long time, but you have to remember it took Paul Wade years to master the advanced Big Six moves. So in the big picture of life, nine months is just a drop in the bucket. Check out what kind of badass muscle strength this guy was able to achieve with a nine-month commitment. And when it gets to the part where he’s doing handstand push-ups, check out the lady on the yoga mat fixated, mesmerized, and completely entranced by his superhuman strength.

Always in Training

hard work

Convict conditioning workout

Source: YouTube

Personal trainer Geoff Graue lives by this motto: “The game of life has no off-season.” In 15 years of training professional sports stars, college athletes, and people ready to step it up to lose weight and build muscle strength and endurance, he’s made it his mission to teach people how powerful bodyweight training can be. And he’s not the fat guy roaming around the gym telling people what to do. He’s the real deal. Check out his incredible muscle strength and coordination in this video, including the one-legged squat direct from Paul Wade’s Bible of bodyweight training.

Double the Muscle Strength

If you’re dedicated enough to go the distance in Convict Conditioning, you can move on to Convict Conditioning 2 to try and master the moves of brothers Al and Danny Kavaldo. These tattooed tough guys don’t just talk mean, they can back it up with real muscle strength earned one rep at a time through years or bodyweight training and conditioning. Wanna learn how to get strong enough to execute the human flag, make fingertip pushups look easy, or build bridge strength so powerful you could arch your back and take the weight of a full grown man? These guys will show you how it’s done.

Just a little reminder that hard work pays off. Stick with the program, be patient, and you’ll be on your way to busting free of all weakness and achieve supreme survival strength.




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