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Are you really baffled by the thought by the thought whether you should take the initiative of indulging in body weight training? Well I can relate to the fact that this is no easy decision so you just cannot go with the idea right away. You need convincing reasons. The good news is that there is an array of hope for you and he is none other than Al-Kavadlo.
Al-Kavadlo is a renowned name in the field of Calisthenics. People who are new to the field of bodyweight training look for expert advice truly from the professionals. A word from Al-Kavadlo can truly offer help to those people who are new to the field of calisthenics and need real help. Here you will get a chance to look at bodyweight training with Al-Kavadlo’s perspective.

Why bodyweight training should be your ultimate fitness idea?

Now this is one question that often pops up in the mind of a beginner who has just started bodyweight training and this question cannot be ignored for sure. Well let us start with the facts here. Bodyweight training is a pretty popular trend and people are turning to it to achieve their fitness goals.

5 convincing reasons by Al-Kavadlo to train just with your bodyweight

Here you will find Al-Kavadlo’s professional advice to start up with bodyweight training right away. It is human psyche and you will be more convinced by what he has to say.

1-The Freedom

Now this sounds like a real exciting idea. Honestly speaking it is a big hassle to run to the gym every single day and indulge in the gruesome workout. The most troublesome aspect about going to a gym is that it is a pretty expensive idea and there is no guarantee about the fact that you will able to get the desired outcome. At times the entire activity is an exercise in futility.
You just do not want to suffer like that and you do not have to because now the expert Al-Kavadlo says it all. Al-Kavadlo feels that the beauty of bodyweight training lies in the fact that it is just not restricted to a certain space and you can practice bodyweight training anywhere anytime. You will not even need any special shoes or any special kind of equipment for this job and that is the best part about bodyweight training.
If you have a look at Al-Kavadlo’s video’s you will notice that most of them are filmed in a park. He sets an example that you do not have to bear up with any barriers if you wish to commence with the idea of bodyweight training. Al-Kavadlo’s is truly not wrong in his opinion when he says that calisthenics is truly the most accessible form of exercise that definitely does bring in results if done consistently.

2-It’s safe

Well I do not really want to scare you with the idea, but for beginners fitness is a challenge. The beginner fitness trainers do get injured frequently. Wouldn’t it be a smart idea if you can adopt a smarter approach towards fitness. Al-Kavadlo suggests that you should play it safe. See when you exercise without barbells then there are not any chances of dropping weights on yourself.
This is the entire idea. Al-Kavadlo shows you the realistic picture by telling you that calisthenics does have its bit of challenges. Like there is a chance that you will find a bench press to be difficult. However, the chances of injury are truly minimal in this process.

3- Bodyweight training is achievable

When you have to write off a certain idea then you need to look at it with a realistic perspective. What Al-Kavadlo says is 100 percent true. He feels that it is easy for everyone to train with bodyweight and he is right.
Start looking at the entire scenario with a realistic perspective. What Al-Kavadlo feels is that when you go to a gym and see better people around then it is definitely hard to train. You are intimidated by their presence. It is hard for you to remain focused on your goals. This is completely understandable.

Al-Kavadlo explains everything on human grounds. He says that when you practice in your own vicinity then it is truly an ideal situation for you to learn and make your mark. The reason is that you are not really anxious about the fact that anyone is watching you. You are not deviated from your goals.
You will not get the feel that someone is looking down at your strength level in your own premises. This is why Al-Kavadlo feels that the beginners should not be pushed to visit the gyms.
Good news awaits those who want to take up the challenge and start bodyweight training. Al-Kavadlo says that with proper manipulation of leverage and single limb exercises you can still make a lot of progress in simply any movement pattern.

4- Master new skills and get the strength

Here Al-Kavadlo is revealing the secret to real fitness. Calisthenics is much ahead then an ordinary gym practice. Well this is a right perspective given by Al-Kavadlo. The reason is that you make a progress by moving to more advancing exercises and you are not just adding a heavier weight to your barbell.
The beginners can afford to go slow with bodyweight training. They can start up with a simple wall push-up before moving on to a full-pushup. This way progress to one-arm push-up becomes a much easier struggle. Every time you unlock a new skill you are able to move to complex bodyweight training exercises. This also adds in the element of fun in your workout routine.
The best part is that you can add up your own innovation to calisthenics. You master one exercise and then another. Finally you can combine the two exercises to achieve better results in your fitness endeavours.

5- The undeniable significance of the bodyweight community:

Al-Kavadlo says that it is truly the enthusiasm of the calisthenics community that has led to the success of Calisthenics and he is right about this. The good thing is that all the bodyweight practitioners wish to encourage each other and spread a positive spirit and that is what makes Calisthenics such a great choice. The support and the positive attitude keeps the participants going.
I believe that after going through Al-Kavadlo’s opinion you should be willing to take the plunge into bodyweight training. You will be convinced that you made the right choice. Even I felt the same when I read Al-Kavadlo’s perspective. Take up the challenge today.
Do not forget to share your bodyweight training struggles with us. We can all learn and improve from each other’s experience. Your opinion may help those as well who have just taken the plunge into bodyweight training. Do let me know if you agree with Al-Kavadlo’s opinion and whether you have felt the same way about bodyweight training?

If you have practically followed his ideas do let me know about this as well.

The reason is that when you practice something that you can give the best opinion about the results. Do you feel that you made the best decision to let go off the idea to go to a gym? Well if you agree with what Al-Kavadlo has to say then let what he says be a starting point for you.
Commence your journey towards bodyweight training with new enthusiasm and embark on a venture of fitness success.




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